Introduction to Green tube

Greentube began its journey in 1998 under the name Dürrschmid& Reisinger OEG. Its first game was a very popular 3D Ski Challenge thatinstantly made this game studio famous. However, Dürrschmid&Reisinger OEG had no idea in 1998 that it would go on to enter the top tier of casino game providers.

Today,Green tube offers more than 400 games in various categories. The company has also won several awards for its contribution to the online casino space. Greentube now partners with many leading online gambling companies. Apart from that, it has grown to become a full-fledged corporate house with hundreds of employees, and Greentube presently has active teams in the US, Netherlands, Vienna, Graz, Birkirkara, Vancouver, Bratislava, Nottingham, Serbia, and Athens.

Given its scale of operations, Greentube is at the top of the food chain of casino game developers. The fact that it is a part of Novomatic as the Novomatic Interactive division plays a key role in the quality of the titles offered. With some of the smartest people working in the background, Greentube is one of the titans in the online casino space.

History of Greentube

The history of Greentube began in 1998 with a completely different identity. Back then, what is now Greentube was called Dürrschmid& Reisinger OEG. Founded by Eberhard Dürrschmid and Harald Reisinger,the company has focused on mobile and online apps since its inception. Itsfirst successful game was Ski Challenge.

With the success of Ski Challenge, Dürrschmid&Reisinger OEG began to gain prominence onthe international circuit. In 2000, Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH bought the company, and going forward, Greentube began its own brand of online and mobile apps.

The next big break for Greentube came in 2010 when Astra Games Ltd. bought 70% of the company’s shares. Astra Games itself isa subsidiary of the Austrian gaming conglomerate Novomatic. Since then, Greentubehas served as the Interactive division of Novomatic.

Greentube’s journey is one of constant innovation and improvement. At present, Astra Games owns the maximum shares of the company, and the experience and industry reputation of Novomaticisplaying to the advantage of Greentube. Today,Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH is one of the most well-known names in the online gaming space.

GreentubeTop Games

Over the past two decades, Greentube has come up with more than 400 impressive titles. Of these, many have become cult classics and won prestigious awards. However, table games are the niche of Greentube. While many game providers focus on slots and video slots, few have contributed as much as Greentubehas to the table games space.

Apart from table games, Green tube is also known for its slots, bingo, live dealer games, video poker games, and more.

Grand Blackjack is one of the most successful blackjack games in online casinos. It follows the set rules of blackjack and is played against a dealer. Those looking for an unadulterated blackjack experience must give this Green tube title a shot.

Fans of poker will befamiliar with the game Deuces Wild. This popular video poker game is from the house of Green tube and is one of the most popular poker games in the world. It follows the standard rules of poker with 2s as jokers and the opportunity to win the coveted Direct Royal Flush.

Greentube Notable Awards

Over the past years, Green tube has won multiple awards and accolades. Its first major award was the Innovation Award in 2003, which it won for its contribution to multiplayer games. Itssecond award wasthe Golden European Seal of e-Excellence 2008 (Gold), and then in 2009 (Platinum) and 2010 (Platinum). This award was for the way the companyapproaches marketing in the online gaming space. It also won the prestigious eCOGRA Software Prize in 2009 and then the Green Award in 2010. Greentube also won the EGR B2B Awards in 2015 for Best Game Supplier. Itsmost recent award was the GIA (Gaming Intelligence) Social Casino Supplier of the Year Award in 2017.

Its largecollection of awards speaks for the quality and competence of Green tube.

Greentube Summary

Today, Greentube is one of the most successful game providers in the industry and has come out of the shadows of its parent company Novomatic. Green tube continues to innovate and experiment and win the support of gamers worldwide.

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